About us 

DORUK ENDUSTRI LTD is specialized in manufacturing high quality rotary actuators, actuator accessories and valves under its registered brand name PROVAL in Dilovasi-Kocaeli, nearby Istanbul in Turkey.

PROVAL branded actuators are engineered and designed by using the latest 3D CAD design software, machined in the latest technology horizontal & vertical CNC machining centres.

All actuators are inspected with no exception for any kind of machining failures by using most appropriate testing tools in order to achieve customer satisfaction and supply compatible products to meet their severe service applications.

The goal of DORUK ENDUSTRI is to provide our customers with the good quality, high-performance, innovative design and cost-effective process control equipments.

DORUK ENDUSTRI is an ISO9001 and GOST-R certified company. Each PROVAL actuator is manufactured under strict quality management system.
PROVAL branded valves and actuators have been succesfully exported to more than 40 countries worldwide





ImageA240 NAMUR Solenoid Valves
Proval A240 Series solenoid valves are designed for direct assembly on rotary type NAMUR interface pneumatic valve actuators.  The solenoid valves are available as single coil, dual coil and air pilot operated types.  more details

ImageA241 / A242 NAMUR Solenoid Valves
Proval A241 and A242 Series air solenoid valves can be used single or assembled on a rack from 2 to 10 pcs. more details

ImageA250 Limit Switch Boxes
PROVAL A250 Series limit switch boxes are used on rotary valve actuators to generate open/close signal and monitor the valve position.
A250 Series are available with mechanical or a vaste range of proximity switches.  more details.

ImageA255 Limit Switch Boxes
Proval A255 Series FRL units are used to filter, regulate and lubricate the pneumatic air.  more details.

ImageA280 Manual Override Gearboxes
PROVAL A280 Manual override gearboxes employ a declutchable worm and worm wheel mechanism for manually overriding the pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators in process applications. more details

ImageA170 Actuator Speed Control Valves
PROVAL A170 Speed control valves are used in between actuators and NAMUR solenoid valves for a very precise speed adjustment independantly in both opening and closing directions.  more details

ImageA148 Square Reduces
PROVAL A148 Square reducers are used to transfer and match the valve shafts to the larger actuator shafts. The yare available in a large range to meet customers requirements.  more details

A235 Square ReducesA235 Square Reduces
Digital (Smart) Electropneumatic Positioners are designed for a precise control of rotary and linear actuators of industrial valves.  more details

ImagePneumatic Hoses, Fittings, Silencers and Speed Reducers
A141 PU Hose, A142 Straight Type Metallic Fittings, A143 Elbow Type Plastic Fittings, A144 Elbow Type Speed Reducer Fittings, A145 Silencer, A146 Speed Reducer with Silencer,...  more details

Other Accessories & Actuated Valve Packages

ImageOther Products

Positioners, Mufflers, Filter Regulators and complete range of valves are available together with actuators.  more details