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Technical Features of PROVAL Pneumatic Actuators

Technical Features of PROVAL Pneumatic Actuators

PROVAL A210 Series actuators are designed to meet the demanding needs of todays process flow control requirements. Proval actuators are strictly inspected during production and each actuator is 100% tested before delivery.

1. Actuator Body

Extruded Alu Alloy ASTM6005 body is hard anodised to protect the internal and external components against corrosion, which reduces the friction on moving pistons and extends the life cycle of the actuators. Alternative coatings are available such as ENP (Electroless Nickle Plating), Powder Polyester, PFA, ECTFE for more aggressive environments.


2. End Caps

Diecasted aluminum end caps are primerely Alodine Chromatized coated which provides longer life cycles against corrosion and reduces wearing resistance. Secondary standard coating is powder polyester coating and also ENP, PFA, ECTFE etc coatings are offered alternatively for agressive environments.


3. Pistons

Diecasted aluminum twin rack pistons are equipped with slide guides and seals in good quaility. Alodine Chromatized coated pistons ensure longer life cycles against corrosion and wearing resistance.Pistons that are identical on both sides allowreverse rotation simply by inverting the pistons.


4. Pinion (Drive Shaft)

Alloy steel pinion is electroless nickel plated in order to reduce the friction, provide maximum wear resistance and protection against corrosion under severe conditions as it fully conforms to the latest standards of ISO5211, DIN3337, NAMUR. Double square, paralel or diagonal square or key way type shaft can be supplied in accordance with customer demands.


5. Travel Adjustment

Bi-directional external travel stop adjustment bolts can adjust the position ± 5° between 85° to 95° at both opening and closing directions for accurate valve allignment. 0-90° full scale limit position adjustment can also be offered optionally.


6. Preloaded Springs

Cardridge design in high grade coated steel springs provide great safety and corrosion resistance in fail safe and emergency shut down operations.

7. Indicator

All actuators are equipped with regular position indicator showing the current state of the actuators and valves.


8. Bearings & Guides

Low friction piston guides provide high trust and stability during operation of actuators.


9. Seals

NBR rubber O-rings provide trouble-free operation at standard temperature ranges between -20 °C to +80 °C temperature ranges. For high and low temperature applications Viton (-20 °C ~ +150 °C) and Silicone (-35 °C ~ +80 °C) seals are available optionally.


10. Fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners for long life corrosion resistant application.


11. Traceability

Each individual actuator is assigned an unique identification number allowing full traceability.